The Spicery Story so far…

The Spicery was started by James Ransome in 2005 in his spare room at home, with £5000 of his own savings. The money stretched to paying for a single metal table, a set of scales, a few gripseal polythene bags, a stereo, a small electric grinder and of course a few boxes of spices.

Although he’d worked as a chef, it quickly turned out that he wasn’t quite as expert in spices as he’d expected… but he did know that freshness is all-important so the business has always had the aim of grinding and blending our spices in small batches and selling them as quickly as possible to make the most of their magical scent and flavour.

The Spicery – Recipe Box Subscriptions

The mail order business slowly went from Order #1 (sent to James’ Mum) to eventually include many of the best restaurants in the UK (the Fat Duck, Ottolenghi, Rick Stein and many others were all good customers over the years), and finally to a simple homemade website all funded from that initial investment.

They’re now up to over 20 staff and more than 120,000 customers around the world. Their aim is to continue helping customers discover new flavours, cook and share fantastic food from around the world. Hopefully there’s a lot more to come…

Edible gifts by post don’t get spicier than this!

Post the gift of discovering and cooking fantastic food from around the world! Every month The Spicery produce recipes in their development kitchen. Next, they grind and blend the fresh spice mixes before measuring them out into individual portions. Finally, they post them direct through the letterboxes of thousands of home cooks around the world.

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