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LoviChef Make & Bake

Where your recipient gets to make their own sweets and bake their own cakes, all delivered in a letterbox-friendly sized Netterbox.

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Recipe Box Delivery from LoviChef

Introducing Recipe Box Delivery from LoviChef. LoviChef Make & Bake is where your recipient gets to MAKE their own sweets and BAKE their own cakes. These recipe boxes contain all of the ingredients measured so there’s no waste, and clear fool-proof instructions with pictures of what the goodies should look like.

All that’s required in addition are milk and eggs. We did hear that LoviChef tried sending these by post, but they’d turned into an omelette box by the time they arrived…

The recipe boxes are delivered in a letterbox-friendly sized Netterbox, so there’s no waiting in for a delivery. As they make great gifts, make sure your recipient is ready to make & bake and have fun.


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